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AlbEnergy Home

AlbEnergy Home is a software for monitoring and controlling the energy consumption of a home. It facilitates the planning of the operation of different elements of a house: swimming pool, lighting, irrigation, etc. As well as monitoring both energy consumption and self-consumption production.

The application is accessible via the web from any mobile terminal inside or outside the home. It also has a statistics module to help the user plan consumption and production.


It is a face recognition system that can be implemented on low-cost embedded systems at detection or control points. In addition, MathewFace includes a secure communications system with a server for processing the results as well as an e-mail alert system.

MathewFace enables the low-cost implementation of complex presence systems with multi-location control and a centralised alert system.


It is a smart matching solution to solve complex problems with a large number of data that need to be matched. The user can set the different matching preferences of each of the participants/elements of the matching process. Smart Matching provides, through genetic algorithms, an approximation of the best existing solution resulting in the different possible pairings. This is done according to the preferences requested by each of the participants in the matching process.

MuchoMatch is an ideal solution for the planning of B2B events, the development of P2P solutions or even the optimisation of supply and demand in different markets.

Shortway Finder

It is a route optimisation (logistic optimisation) solution for the vehicles involved (or elements moving in a weighted graph) to minimise the difference between their distances travelled.

Shortway Finder implements such optimisation with streaming technologies that allow handling large amounts of data (Apache Kafka) and with genetic algorithms for multi-objective optimisation.


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